sköna fika

FIKA [f’i:ka]



Fika [verb] The act of drinking coffee and having a Treat together with friends, family or coworkers. The activity usually happens around 3pm every day. 

Fika [noun] A cup of coffee (tea or a soft drink for kids),often combined with a treat. Generally, this is what you will be offered when visiting Sweden, a Swede abroad, or Sköna.




At Sköna, we make sure to fika together every day; a tradition we brought with us from Sweden. We see it as a 15-minute break that is not about work. Don’t get us wrong –we love what we do. We like it so much that most of the time you will find us huddled over our keyboards. We're moving pixels, designing, developing, planning and strategizing. 

But around 3pm we step away from our desks and meet around the fika bar to fika. We hang out together. Sure, we talk about work, but we also talk about dogs, kids, biking, hockey, music, skiing, commuting, movies and, of course, Game of Thrones.

We fika because it’s good for us. We made it our project this year to build a custom fika bar to remind us of its importance. Research has actually shown that Swedish workers are less stressed compared to other nationalities due to their fika breaks, and that getting together to fika fuels creativity and boosts productivity. Fika is great. 

So great that we want to share it with you. In this book you’ll find our favorite recipes for fikabröd – that’s Swedish for pastries – so that you can start your own fika tradition.

And, if you’re ever in Potrero Hill around 3pm, don’t hesitate to stop by; we’ll have a Swedish cup of Joe waiting for you!



[f’i:ka s’u:gen]

Cravings for Fika

It’s a state of mind.
No reason not to give in.



The Fika Dictionary


FIKASTUND [f’i:ka stun:d]

Coffee break, synonym is Fikapaus

Fika can also be translated to mean "take a break." It’s a commitment to slow down. 

FIKARUM [f'i:ka rum:]

Coffee break room

Every office has one, a place or room where you meet to fika. A great fikarum has a great coffee maker, comfy chairs, and some nice mugs. We’re very proud of our fikabar, so feel free to stop by and check it out!

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KAFFEREP [k'af:e re:p]

The predecessor to fika

This word is literally translated as “coffee rope” – no one actually knows why it’s called that. The kafferep became the thing for women to do in the '30s but has declined in popularity over the years. At a kafferep you were always offered coffee, seven different kinds of small cookies, buns and a cake. Seven was the magic number as you would be seen as stingy if you served less than seven and stuck-up if you served more.

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FIKADAGS [f’i:ka dak:s]

Time for Fika

Basically, it can be fikadags anytime, you don’t have to wait until after lunch. Just listen to your body tell you when you need a break, a little push to finish what you have at hand, or to come up with something brilliant.

FIK [fi:k]

Coffee shop

This is a restaurant designated for fika, which you by now know is a social thing. Unlike its American counterpart where people go to get work done, a fik is instead a place where you really just go to have coffee with friends. In the southwestern part of Sweden you’ll find Alingsås, the capital of fika with the most cafés per capita. It’s a cute town, you should visit. 

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FINFIKA [f’in f'i:ka]

Fancy fika

Special occasions deserve fancier pastries! Birthdays, new client wins, or campaign launches at Sköna deserve special treatment, and for these occasions, we up our pastry game.